If you’ve got an Android phone and that standard contacts list just isn’t doing it for you, you might want to look into a few different contact management apps. Having an organized, functional contacts list is super important to the user experience. Shen from the XDA Developer Forum has compiled a list of newer contact management apps that turn your chaotic contacts list into a social network of friends and family.

Top 10 Android Contacts Management Apps

One of the more talked about contact management apps, is Smartr by Xobni. It’s available for free on Android and other devices. Smartr uses your phone’s contact info, your Google contacts and content from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to better prioritize your contacts based on frequency of interaction. Using info from social networking sites also allows you to keep you up to date on your friends’ posts.

With a more accurate list of contacts, you don’t have to scroll down through a long list of people you haven’t talked to in ages. The contact sorting goes fast, but thankfully, the automatic prioritizing is easy to reverse if Mr. App gets it wrong. If your Google Contacts are a bit disorganized, clean them up beforehand so that you don’t end up with an email list serve in your top ten.

The amount of permissions the app asks you for can seem irritating at first, but it’s a big app that needs to aggregate information from different sources to work well.

Since you already have Google Contacts on your smartphone anyway, you might consider utilizing the app to better serve your purposes.

The Contacts app from Contapps uses pretty much the same information from social networking sites as Smartr, but doesn’t have the cloud syncing or relationship ranking and added an annoying dialer. But if Smartr is simply too much information, it’s another good free option.

Go Contacts is the last free contact management app I’ll mention here. It focuses more on design with different themes, skins and layouts and less on what you actually need: organization. Nonetheless, it’s another one to check out if you just want to try something different.

Source: XDA Developers Forum

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