We knew that Tobii would be showing off their Eye Tracking-Hardware at CES and we were impressed by what we saw. We visited the Tobii booth and got up close and personal with Tobii Rex.

Tobii Rex Windows 8 Accessory Adds Eye Tracking with Tobii Gaze

In the video, you’ll see the Tobii Gaze Interface which works with the the Eye Tracking hardware and normal input capabilities of the Windows 8 computer. The company stressed that it is also working on alternative applications that rely completely on the eye control for people who are unable to use their hands.

In this case, the classical input options work hand in hand with Tobii Rex. When reading emails: you can see in your Inbox the email that you want to read, but then it has to be opened by a button.

The situation is similar with Google Maps.  The eye points to the desired location, which is always centered on the display.

For developers, the hardware costs $ 995, but the “normal” buyers will have access later this year for a price that remains undetermined.

There’s still much to be done, but I am convinced that the technology is taking us closer to the future and will allow us to improve the way we use PC’s.

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