smartphone vs. tablet TeamMobile Geeks was Co-Founded by Sascha Pallenberg and Nicole Scott, the duo had previously launched Netbook News together and are following the mobile trend with some longer lasting branding. icon razz Team

NICOLE SCOTT has been a cutting-edge video journalist, idea engine & woman of the tech world since 2006. Her career began at bnetTV where she wrote, shot, edited & produced exciting news & conference packages. As Ms. Cherry in Maraschino MisAdventures our heroine captivated audiences as she joined the army, rode a bull & ice-climbed. With Wireless Planet, a two-pronged technology program, Nicole charmed both casual technophiles & telecom execs. She wrote product reviews that armed consumers with the latest gadget tips, & buffed up industry insiders with savvy editorials on mobile technology trends.

Inspired to continue subverting gender-tech stereotypes, Nicole is always working to provide a fun & entertaining video platform for news, reviews & heated discussions on what’s hot & what’s not. Think G4TV meets Engadget with a healthy dose of The View.

Sascha Pallenberg has been a leading proponent of the small form factor and mobile computing market for several years, first co-founding Techcase in 2002, a company developing complete hardware and software solutions exclusively for the Mini-ITX platform, then going on to start and, respected community websites centered around the Mini-ITX form factor and VIA EPIA mainboards, of which he is still Editor-in-Chief. In 2005, he started epiOS GmbH & Co. KG, a software development house providing integrated operating systems targeted at VIA EPIA-based applications.

With the rise of the netbooks he started his first mobile computing blog back in December 2007, while he was still living in the US. After just 2 months he quit his job at his US startup and relocated to Taipei/Taiwan to be closer to the hardware.