How Emergency Assist in an Audi works

by Nicole  on July 7, 2018
Emergency Assist in cars isn’t new, but for Audi the way their cars deal with a sleepy or unresponsive driver changed with the launch of the technology powerhouse, the Audi A8. Every car since comes with the same philosophy for waking [...]

Does a Car need AI? Meet Audi’s Aicon, an AI focused concept car

by Nicole  on September 12, 2017

As the internet enters everything we have to question if our smart devices are in fact getting smarter. There is no doubt that AI and autonomous drive have the potential to make our roads safer but what would our relationship with the [...]

Touch instead of Buttons – Audi’s new A8 Infotainment Concept

by Nicole  on July 24, 2017
When you think of car technology the engine has long been the focal point of automotive. However, the pervasiveness of the Smartphone has elevated our expectations of how we interface with information. Audi is bridging the divide between the car [...]

How Automotive Can Learn from Android’s Fragmentation

by Nicole  on April 20, 2017
This is a story of a budding romance, unrequited love, missed connections, personal rage, and hope. Or, it’s the tale of a girl who drove through the Alps in the new Audi A5 Coupe who had an intimate discovery with just how fragmented the [...]

Audi showed me the future of cars, robots, & deep learning & it’s amazing

by Nicole  on January 18, 2017

Letting go was surprisingly easy. With nothing to do behind the wheel of a self-driving car, I found myself with time to contemplate the larger picture of where Artificial Intelligence is taking us.

Audi tablet hands-on: an Android tablet for your sexy car

by Edgar Cervantes  on May 29, 2015

The craziest gadgets we saw at CES 2015

by Edgar Cervantes  on January 17, 2015