Last year talk of tablets as niche products fell to a barely audible hush. This year analysts can’t get enough of tablets. The huge success of the iPad and the many Android tablets on the market has turned all those pessimists into cheery optimists.

Tablet Boom Ahoy! Analysts Expect 180 Million Tablets To Be Sold in 2013

They doubted, they fretted, they insisted that tablets wouldn’t make a huge mark and they certainly wouldn’t become conventional. But the fact of the matter is that people love tablets. The numbers certainly support this fact and the analysts have finally embraced tablets. In fact, they are now predicting a tablet boom. Last year 130 million tablets made it into consumers’ eager hands. Now this year, analysts predict between 170 and 180 million tablets will be sold in 2013.

The iPad still reigns supreme in the large size tablet world, but Android devices dominate the 7 inch market, despite the iPad Mini’s growing success. The Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire have maintained their lead over Apple’s Mini tablet venture with a lower price point and the head start they’ve had in that market.

Last year large tablets 9 inches and up made up 60% of sales with the smaller 7 inchers lagging behind. This year, the trend looks to be heading in the reverse. Who wants a 9 or 11 inch tablet when they can have a cute little 7 inch tablet which fits anywhere and is lighter? The market answers: Not too many people.

According to DigiTimes, Samsung alone could sell 30 million tablets this year. There are many new tablets entering into the low price segment and that can only mean that more people will be buying tablets. 2013 has only just begun and the forecast for tablets is very sunny indeed.

Sources: PhoneArena & DigiTimes

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