Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!, took part in an interview last Wednesday in which for the first time since she took up post, specified that she is pushing the Web giant’s focus onto the mobile market.

Yahoo: Mayer pushes a focus on the mobile sector


Mayer is of course is looking for Yahoo! to wrench itself out if it’s current rut as soon as possible. The company is not nearly as relevant now as it once was and there is some clear benefit in it aiming for a sector of the mobile market as a solution.

In that interview with Fortune Magazine she told the interviewer, ‘we have a terrific set of assets on the web, they are all things people want to do on their mobile phone’. Whether people are checking the stock markets, weather forecasts, emails or just news reading, she’s right, it’s all content that Yahoo! already own.

Ok, in theory that all sounds plausible. Now Yahoo! just need to find a way to reach all the smartphone users with that information, and importantly give them a reason why they would want Yahoo! to deliver that information rather than anyone else.

It looks like Mayer is taking a clear approach to this new move and whilst noticing the possibilities for her new Web baby, she has also been clear about what Yahoo! will not be involved in. Regarding maps she said, ‘Yahoo! will not be producing mobile maps’ finishing off that sentence by stating that there was a lesson to be learnt from Apple’s flop in that software.

Mayer has also made the first steps in ensuring that her employees use popular mobile systems like Google’s  Android, Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS by getting rid of the BlackBerrys. She made it clear that they needed to ensure current knowledge throughout the company.

With a new set of ideas up her sleeve and a drive that is well recognized within the industry it isn’t surprising that Mayer said of her need to prioritize, ‘it’s God, family and Yahoo!’. It will be interesting to watch her ideas take shape in the not too distant future.


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