Sony, the electronics giant from Japan recently acquired its erstwhile partner Ericsson’s stake in the mobile phones business. This led to the dissolution of the “Sony Ericsson” brand. Sony continues to make mobile phones under the “Sony” brand albeit it hasn’t had much success of late with most of its handsets. That however might change soon if we are to believe the company’s sales chief Dennis van Schie. In an interview with an  European newspaper, the senior official made a candid acceptance when he frankly said that Sony currently doesn’t have a direct competitor to products like the Apple iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Sony Promises Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 Competitor Soon

That however won’t be the case for long. If all goes according to plan, Sony would debut its new flagship handset during MWC 2013 in February next year. Details regarding this handset remain sketchy at this point but having seen what Sony can do, we are sure it would surely be one hell of a device.

That reminds me. Have you ever wondered what ails Sony Mobile? Without doubt, they make some of the most gorgeous looking handsets – this side of Mercury. Specs wise too, they are not much far behind. Still, people flock towards the likes of the Galaxy S III and the iPhone? Why?

The issue seems to be multi pronged. Sony does an awesome job of designing and producing handsets. Then they ruin it all by providing virtually nonexistent updates to the once awesome phone. The result? People move towards manufacturers that provide updates and new features to their devices as it helps their handsets to stay “relevant”. If that wasn’t all, Sony seems to have a completely disjointed marketing team which has not done much to promote their flagship devices. As Matt Burns of MobileCrunch aptly puts it – Sony’s current flagship handset, the Xperia TL is virtually an unknown device which even some of the most seasoned tech bloggers are not aware of. This, in spite of the fact that it has a very decent spec sheet and an entry level price of just $99 on AT&T.

Anyway, it seems Sony has been thorough enough lackluster quarters and it is finally gearing up to get its act together. We can only hope that Sony delivers something really awesome this time round.

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