SnapChat, a multi-platform messaging application that allowed people to send across photos across to their friends has just received an update.  One peculiar feature of this application was that it gave the sender the option to make the image self-delete after the recipient has seen it. The iOS version of the application also allowed users to send across self-deleting videos. Android users did not have the luxury of using that feature. Until now that is. The fresh update issued by SnapChat endows Android devices too, the ability to send across self-deleting videos.

SnapChat Updates Android App: Can Send Videos That Self Delete After Viewing

The specialty of SnapChat is that the sender has full control on how long their friends can view the sent message. This is done by setting a timer with the maximum possible time being 10 seconds. Users can watch the image and read an attached message (if any) within that short time span before it disappears forever. Smart people can however always use screen capture apps to permanently “save” those images. Even the iOS version which got the ability to send across self-deleting video files was discovered to have a bug using which users could actually save that self-deleting video.  Anyway, we hope the Android version doesn’t face that issue. If you are on a device that runs Android 2.3 or higher (which is a high possibility), you can also use the front camera on your device to capture videos.


Note that not all Android devices are supported by SnapChat. My Intel Atom powered Xolo X900 too is shown to be not supported. Quite strange, actually.

Nevertheless, head here for a download and let us know what you think about it, will you?

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  • LinusX

    Never heard of that app. But it’s a nice idea.
    Do you have other apps that don’t work on your Atom device? I imagine none of the big ones such as shazam, whatsapp, etc?
    Linus X.