Remember that video that was going around a few months ago that was all about the crazy things that Apple fanboys say? Well it looks like drinking the kool-aid isn’t only for Apple Fans Android fanatics have joined the ranks of the unreasonable.

Shit Android Fanboys Say – Video

You can – and you probably should – argue about exactly how true the statements are in the following video. What do you think, does it hit a nerve or is it just hilarious!

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  • Jim Freeman

    “Fanboys” — plural, not “Fanboy’s” meaning something belonging to an individual FB.

    The grammar standards on MG are so low they’re beginning to detract from the reading experience.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the comment! We’re working on it! Don’t give up yet!

  • Guest1

    Is it meant to be sarcastic?
    If yes, it’s a fail since 90% of what he’s saying is kinda true.

    My favorite part is: “Oh, it’s cute…” when he look at the size of an iPhone .

    I would bet it’s reverse sarcasm. This video is still mocking iPhone users in the end. It just add a welcome and funny pinch of self-derision.

  • Guest1

    I also like the “even the mag is twice the price” and “I’m controlling the slat car with my phone… Just kidding”

    Funny vid.