Today at CES Samsung presented several striking Smart TV’s with new features including viewing recommendations and upgrade kits. Samsung hopes to break past boundries and forge a new path in the word of Smart TV’s.

Samsung Unveils Stunning Smart TV’s

The first TV introduced was the Samsung LED F8000 TV. The Smart Tv has a very thin bezel, under a 1/4 inch thin width and ranges from 45 to 75 inches. It has support for HVVC for best picture quality and a quad core processor onboard. It also features the new S Recommendation with voice recognition which gives you viewing suggestions and tailors them to your tastes. This Smart TV replies to full length sentences. It also has a redesigned user interface with five panels to organize content. You can navigate from live Tv to on demand to recordings recordings with gestures or remote. It also has Samsung Smart Hub.

Samsung Smart Hub TVs have five panels. The first is “On TV” which shows live TV & recommendations that are time specific. Up coming recommended shows on bottom line of the panel. The next panel has movies & TV Shows OnDemand, the third panel has access music videos and photos stored on other Samsung devices makes it easier to show and share, the 4th panel is social with skype etc and the 5th panel has Samsung’s Smart TV apps.

Samsung also made good on their Upgradeable TV’s promise with the Evolution Kit, a brain transplant for  your smart TV. With the evolution kit, don’t need to buy a new TV, you can just plug the kit into back of a Samsung Smart TV 2012 and voila! You have all the new features.

The second TV presented was the Samsung 55 inch OLED TV. This TV has a stunning display and multi view, which allows two people to watch different shows on the same screen simultaneously via headset and glasses.

Last but not least was the Samsung Ultra High Definition TV or UHD, with its 85 inch screen. The Tv stands on what Samsung calls the timeless gallery design, which looks like an an easel. This UHD has 4 times the pixel density of standard LED TV’s and speakers built into frame with 120 watts of sound. The TV can convert HD content to UHD seamlessly. Samsung quipped that their 110 inch UHD TV was too big to get in the door, hence its absence.


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