Samsung takes sitting on smartphones very seriously. So seriously in fact, that they have conducted a test with a dummy’s derriere. Said dummy places his posterior atop the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 and really sits on it.

Samsung Tests Your Smartphone’s Durability With Dummy’s Derriere *Video*

Samsung released a video highlighting a series of tests which their smartphone undergo before arriving safe in our back pockets. In the factory Samsung’s phones are used and abused roughly enough to make any klutzy owner feel secure. Home buttons are pounded by angry machines over 200,000 times, water torture follows, corn grinds away at gleaming screens and cheerful cabooses are seated time and time again on top of every smartphone.

Sure makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?

Now you can carry on care free and light as a bird. You can even sit on it.

Sources: Engadget, Caschy’s Blog & Samsung Tomorrow

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  • khin mg tint

    My s4 screen is afew presser and crash.