The messy legal troubles between Samsung and Apple have been notoriously stealing the headlines for months. It turns out that patent wars don’t need to be a messy page 6 affair as Samsung and LG display have settled their patent disputes.

Samsung and LG Display Kiss & Make Up – No More Patent Woes

The battle kicked off last November when Samsung accused LG of stealing its OLED technology, Samsung later added LCDs to the list of infringing patents. LG countered with claims of its own that Samsung was infringing on its viewing angle patent when it made the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

We can only hope that the CEOs came to their senses and realized that even if they did win it would be years from now and each company would have moved on to new technology and sold millions of products along the way. Patent wars are a tedious affair, I can only hope that we see more resolutions like this one in the future.

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