Samsung had an entire section in their booth dedicated to concept products and future line ups.  We came across a series of Windows 8 concept Sliders all of which had a different approach to the tablet with keyboard hybrid design.  I’ve uploaded photos alongside the description of each Slider according to Samsung, but in brief, their style types are: Binder, Pop-Up, Slider & Swivel.

Samsung Hybrid Slider Prototype Gallery – IFA 2012

Samsung actually had us walk through each and give our opinion of them asking which was our favorite and why.  So they are obviously looking for consumer feed back for their future generation of products.  So if you want to give your two cents, we’ve got a direct line to Samsung so we can definitely round up your comments and pass them along.


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  • Christ.T

    The binder is totally stupid compared to for example asus transformer, that is, if it doesn’t give you as a consumer something more!

    To slide the tablet in from the side takes more accuracy, brain power and time to get it in place, compared to for example just klicking it in place. But there is a but! If this sliding function from the side allowes you to turn the tablet around so you can use the keyboard+the tablet docked as a tablet, which allows for example sudents to take notes on the tablet with for example with a stylus, when the tablet is docked to the keyboard with an extra long battery time, with the tablet laying down on a table.

    Also this can be used simulary to how the microsoft surface can be used on a table, but with more battery (and some extra weight).

    All the sliders look like losing projects. They don’t appeal to people who want high portability or people who want a good “laptopish” thing. Maybe business men would want this product, but I doubt very much that students, children, ordinary people at work or traveling, wanting this product.

    The product you can twist feels like it could be the best selling tablet product from samsung, if they fix the product so you have a tablet which you can detach from the hinge, and is as good or better than any other tablet, detached. When you attach it to the hinge on the dock, you get this portable laptop with twistable screen. This gives the product a good chance to beat products like asus transformer series…

  • guest008

    The Memo concept isn’t bad. I like the dimensions (8″9 inch) but the bump at the back for the battery is really too big/high/thick. They would have to work on making it thinner… Which would tend to be a tablet, simple.

    For the rest, the best concept is still the Transformer one because of its usage flexibility and because, that way, the screen is protected.

    Why slide the screen instead of “clicking” it. It’s useless.

    Finally, what’s the point of making an extra thin screen on a laptop if the overall thickness is the same as an ultrabook?
    If it allows more ports, why not? But we should have the possibility to position the screen at many different angles. Something this solution doesn’t seem to allow.

    It’s good to try and come up with different solutions, but they need to have an added value and be customer oriented.
    New gimmicks for the sake of differenciating oneself (a brand) from another are useless from a customer stand point.

    Samsung should concentrate on maximizing the ratio value proposition/PRICE and still keep on improving their devices lifespan and reliability.

    These are the advices/suggestions I could give on the fly.

  • Robert Maracine

    I Think they should make a hinge that let’s u place the tablet at a 30 somewhat degree angle so u can write on it , and the keyboard should be useable wireless from the side. Having to bend over a keyboard when typing because u still need to use it is a compromise for these transformer tablets that users shouldnt have to do.

    • Robert Maracine

      when writing*

      not typing

  • hhhh

    Binder: can see this being awkward especially in confined spaces like on a plane.
    Popup & slider: personally I would avoid as it appears to have a fixed screen position. Also dont like the loss of touchpad.
    Swivel: I had an Acer c110 which used a swivel design back in the day and found the design convenient and useable. Personally I think this is the best of designs shown here.