Samsung seems to be on a high these days. After continuing to dominate the worldwide sales charts we have fresh news coming in from the UK that the Galaxy S III is beating other smartphones in to oblivion – the iPhone included.

Meanwhile in the UK, Samsung Galaxy S III Trounces The iPhone

Folks from the usually trustworthy uSwitch are telling us all that for the seventh consecutive month, Samsung’s flagship Android handset, the Galaxy S III is still setting the sales charts on fire. What makes things even more worse for other players is the fact that four more Samsung handsets make it to the top ten list. These handsets are the Galaxy S2 which is at fourth place, Galaxy Ace at sixth place, Galaxy Note 2 at seventh place, and the Galaxy Ace 2 at tenth place. This effectively means half of the top ten phones are Samsung made devices!

Just to clear all your doubts, this is the current standing of the most popular smartphones in the UK. Note that uswitch has come to this conclusion taking in to account things like monthly sales, online searches and the number of preorders.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III
  2. Apple iPhone 4S
  3. Apple iPhone 5
  4. Samsung Galaxy S II
  5. LG Nexus 4
  6. Samsung Galaxy Ace
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
  8. Samsung Galaxy Ace II
  9. Sony Xperia U
  10. HTC One X

Another surprising thing is the fact that even two good months after the release of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S remains more popular than the former! This according to many is because of the price cut that the iPhone 4S received just after the launch of its newer cousin.

This might also be a warning sign for Apple which seems to be fast losing its dominance it once held in the smartphones space. Other players – especially Samsung have caught up well and is already trouncing Apple when it comes to sheer sales. Apple however continues to do well in its home market – the U.S.

[Via Trusted Reviews]

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