So, all geared up for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch? Now, if you are hoping for Samsung to deliver something extraordinary, you might actually get it. However if you are hoping that this extraordinary device, like most of its competition would move up to a body that’s made of metal rather than plastic – which the norm has been with Samsung, you might be a tad disappointed. The company has already given clear hits pointing towards the possibility that the Galaxy S4 like all its predecessors would come enclosed in a plastic body. This might not be great news for people who thought they would see something from on the lines of the HTC One and the iPhone and a host of other phones which proudly sport metallic bodies.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Be Made of Plastic And Samsung Tells You Why

There is no denying the fact that the use of a metal casing gives that phone a premium air to it. However, there is one indisputable fact: That being, Samsung is able to sell more plastic clad phones than the others who have “classier” handsets. The Galaxy S3 created sales records even though at the time of its launch it was blamed to be not “good” enough a successor to the S2.  Anyway, once again, let us sort of confirm to you folks, our readers that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will most definitely come clad in plastic. The reason for our confidence is the statement given by Y.H. Lee, Executive VP of Samsung’s mobile division. In a recent tete-a-tete with CNET, he talked about The Galaxy S4’s plastic design. One reason that he cited for Samsung sticking to plastic was the fact that it was easier to mass produce handsets made of plastic as the manufacturing time for such devices are much lesser when compared to all metal phones. With Samsung expecting to sell over 100 million Galaxy S4 handsets this year, mass producing the handset was a primary objective.

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