MyLiving a case manufacturer out of Shenzhen China claims to have gotten some information about the Samsung Galaxy S4, enough for them to make a case! They mentioned that they got the details directly from Foxconn which is actually pretty standard for any case manufacturer that is looking to gain an edge.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case From China Hands on at CeBIT 2013 [Video]

We can only get so much of an idea about what the phone will look like but we figure we can get  pretty feel for things if we place a the Galaxy S4 case side by side with the case of the Galaxy S3.

Check out our photos below and if you keep scrolling you’ll see a video!


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8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Case From China Hands on at CeBIT 2013 [Video]

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  6. great!! my friend and I recently have a debate regarding the case of S4 now I can say that I have an evidence.. thank you for posting this,,

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