A report by analytics firm Strategy Analytics has put a smile on the faces of Samsung fans and company executives alike. Why? Because according to the report, for the first time since the launch of the iPhone back in 2007, some other smartphone has managed to outsell the iPhone! That’s right. Samsung’s top of the line Android powered device, the Galaxy S III has managed to beat the coveted iPhone to the second spot in the third quarter of 2012 in terms of the total number of units sold! Strategy Analytics estimates that Samsung sold no less than 18 million Galaxy S III handsets in the penultimate quarter of 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S III Tops iPhone 4; Becomes Most Popular Smartphone

In comparison, arch rival Apple managed to sell “just” 16.2 million iPhone 4S handsets during the same period. In short, the Samsung Galaxy S III managed to outsell the iPhone by a huge margin of nearly 2 million units – thereby handing over the smartphones crown to Samsung – at least temporarily.

Temporarily? Yes. Because in the last few days of the third quarter of 2012, Apple came up with something known as the iPhone 5. In fact, it was the imminent launch of the latest iPhone in September which led to people stall their iPhone 4S purchases. The tables are likely to turn when the reports for the last quarter comes in after a few months time. With Apple themselves confirming that they sold no less than 6 million iPhone 5 models in the short time span that was left of Q3 (starting 21 September to 30 September), the numbers sure look favorable for Apple. Most analysts also opine that the iPhone 5 would help Apple regain the crown.

All said, we are pretty sure that folks from over at Samsung might not be too worried about that. Unlike Apple which has just a few handsets on offer, Samsung can more than make up with sales of yet another popular handset – the Galaxy Note 2. At last count, we hear that the Note 2 has also crossed sales of 3 million units in the span of a few weeks. Impressive show!

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