At the IFA Samsung Unpacked Event, we took a look at a very digital camera that runs Android Jelly Bean and sports a 4.8-inch Multitouch HD display. The camera has a 21 super long zoom and 24 megapixels. It also has 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can update your social networks with your photos on the go. The camera functions like an android smartphone, allowing widgets, connection to Google Play and allowing the user to send pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands On – First Android Jelly Bean Digicam

Sascha takes a quick look at Samsung’s new camera in this hands-on video:

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8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands On – First Android Jelly Bean Digicam

  1. warum hat es hier auf diese schreckliche Kommentarfunktion von WordPress und nicht die von Disqus wie auf

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  3. I was interested until i read about the mobile radio bit. I don’t need that. Sad really as otherwise it would have made a interesting “PDA”.

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