The problem with a company being a conglomerate is that when they say they are going to release something new, you have no freaking clue what it is gonna be. Why are we talking about conglomerates? Because a small South Korean company called Samsung – known for making stuff ranging from ships to refrigerators and from TV’s to mobile phones has just released a teaser video telling us all that they are coming up with something new this January.

Samsung Teases Something “New” In January

Thankfully for us, the date shown in the video coincides with that of next year’s CES – you know the electronics trade show that happens to be the world’s largest? So, at this point in time we are safe to assume that this “new” thing has processors and chips inside.

The little 20 odd second clip says nothing about the kind of gadget that this is going to be – but being cellphone freaks that we are, we are hoping for this one to be an out-of-this-world smartphone. There have been rumours going on about Samsung coming up with a Galaxy branded handset with a bendable display this time. We hope they also build an equally awesome smartphone, a worthy successor to the Galaxy S III around this bendable display and showcase it at the CES.

Here is the video by the way

But then, tech pundits are of the opinion that it is too early for Samsung to release a Galaxy S IV model this soon – so what do you think it would be?

Anyway, we certainly hope this isn’t an air conditioner with a built in coffee maker. Sigh.

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