With manufacturers fast running out of more innovations to cram in to the smartphones of today, Samsung seems to be readying itself to debut a stunner of a phone early next year when they would possibly launch a successor to the current king of the ring – the Galaxy S III. Because rumour has it that Samsung’s next generation Galaxy branded flagship – the Galaxy S IV might sport an unbreakable, bendable display.

New Samsung Galaxy Phone to Sport Unbreakable, Bendable Screen?

This is apart from the super powerful hardware it will sport. As of now people are talking about the device cramming in a quad core processor as well as a 13 megapixel camera with possibly improved optics.

As for the unbreakable display, we might want to remind you that Samsung has been developing bendable OLED displays since years and have on many occasions demoed the technology at popular trade shows across the globe – including the CES. For some reason, they haven’t used the same on any of their consumer products. The reason might be the increased cost of manufacture of these displays.

Now though, it seems Samsung is convinced that it is time these displays make it to mainstream consumer products. It would also be interesting to see if Samsung would lend this technology to other manufacturers or would keep it to themselves.

Samsung has been steadily increasing the gap between itself and other smartphone manufacturers with each passing quarter and is currently the world’s biggest smartphones manufacturer and it looks like the company intends to remain there for the foreseeable future.

[Via Reuters]

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  • http://www.wiredmash.com Jose Farrugia

    You got a typo here – “The reason might be the increased cost of manufacture if these displays.” if with of 😉

    • Nicole


  • Guest008

    With this move, they could put the last nail in Apple’s coffin and ensure their newly acquired domination in the smartphone market.
    But, above all, they’d give us, customers, real innovation and new exciting technology to make our phones simply better.

    • Nicole

      Samsung invested 1B in their flexible display fabs that month, this rumor isn’t far fetched. Thank-god! This really needs to happen!

  • Nicole

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