At IFA, Samsung announced it’s first Windows 8 smartphone. The Samsung ATIV S has a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display made of Gorilla Glass. The ATIV S is running a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and has 1 GB RAM. The Windows 8 phone will come in two versions 16 and 32 GB and both versions have a micro SD card slot to expand the memory.

Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 Phone Pictures & Specifications

It has a 2300mAh and is made of aluminum. The smartphone is 8.7 millimeters thick and has an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front. The ATIV S is Samsung’s sleek new Windows 8 phone. What do you think?

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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  • guest008

    A little iPhone 5-esque (if the pics leaked are real) to my taste but not bad. Simple & sleek with its aluminium back.
    Let’s wait and see what Nokia has to offer before to decide.

    My guess is that Windows Phones are gonna increase their market share dramatically. But they need at least a sleek design like this one. More innovative would still be better.

    • Nicole

      What it has a display in the middle with round corners? 😛

      Sorry couldn’t help my self.

      Nokia will have their new flagship phone out on the 4th so we won’t have long to wait.

      • Guest008

        “What it has a display in the middle with round corners”

        It seems to be enough to sue and win these days.
        But, don’t worry, the verdict can’t stand. The jury did too many mistakes that are valid grounds for appeal and confessed they were convinced Apple should win from the get go.

        Read this very interesting article:

        As for the phone itself and my remark, I certainly don’t want my phone to look anything like an Apple’s one. The more different the better.
        The SIII (my actual phone) is a very good piece of technology, but I prefer the design of the Lumia.
        I want to try out WP8, so I guess it’s gonna be the new Nokia flagship rather than this one for the reason I stated only.
        Unless Asus come up with a new (WP8) phone before the end of te year??

  • hhhh

    Think this is very nice looking device. Its what the s3 should have looked like. Wp8 has got my interest and so has this device. I love my s2 but was bitterly dissappointed with my s3 and one x with ics. So am keen to move to wp8. Ill be keen on this device, though if nokia bring out a pureview lumia in the same price range i’d lean more towards the lumia as the camera and nokia drive are major draw cards.

  • hhhh

    “made of brushed aluminum” – I think this is incorrect. I had a Samsung Wave which was aluminum, on the Ativ S I was looking at the pictures and couldn’t see a latch release for the back panel like the Wave had, instead there is a finger nail catch on the back cover similar to S2 and S3. And also in this video clip the back panel is removed and sure enough it flexes exactly the same as S2 and S3. I would hazard a guess that it is also polycarbonate plastic like S3. A real shame.