Self driving cars are cool – and so are cars that are not exactly self driven – but that can be controlled remotely. While Google is working on its Driverless Car project, a bunch of geeks from Russia had other plans. They went ahead and made an iPad App that would help them drive an Opel Vectra. Remotely. How cool is that?

Meanwhile In Russia.. iPads Are Being Used To Drive A Car

Well, the car in question happens to be an old Opel Vectra that has been retrofitted to be driven remotely.  The bunch of geniuses has also named their car the “James Bond car” taking inspiration from the cell phone driven BMW that you might recall from the Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies.

While the end result looks way too cool, the actual process to make this old Vectra a driverless vehicle was not an easy one.  It required the team to install a new actuator and newer steering wheel motors on the car. Also, the usually mundane activity of shifting gears had to be done automatically on this vehicle – and no they didn’t add an automatic transmission.

Once all this was done, the car was “connected” to the iPad app from where it can be controlled. Now, this thing is not even close to being road legal. As expected from a project of this nature, there are issues – and in this case, those issues are with driving precision. The brake and accelerator pedals cannot for example be partially pressed. You either go full throttle – or brake hard. So, yeah, if you thought of getting one of this for you and drive around your town remotely, you can forget that for the time being.

[Via Ubergizmo]

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