If you are a living specimen belonging to family of an endangered species known by the botanical name “BlackBerry Fanboys”, here’s a conservation program that might give a new lease of life to your kind and delay your extinction – or may be even let you see through the decade.

RIM To Announce BlackBerry 10 Devices On January 30?

As it turns out, RIM (Research In Motion), the people behind the BlackBerry brand have finally decided it’s time the world sees (and experiences) their newest – and probably the most talked about and most anticipated operating system – the BlackBerry OS 10.

So what they have done is to invite a select group of publications to en event that would be held at New York on the 30th of January next year. While they didn’t actually say that the event would be about BlackBerry 10, it is pretty much clear that RIM doesn’t have anything more significant to announce. The tagline on the invite reads:  “You can see it first.”  and “Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented.”

The already delayed launch of BlackBerry 10 OS has only exacerbated RIM’s gargantuan problems. The company has been alarmingly losing market share as Android and iOS chewed into its market and any further delay in launching BlackBerry 10 would have been disastrous for them

That said, it is still unclear if OS 10 would be enough to help BlackBerry out of the mess that it finds itself in right now. A few days ago, videos and detailed photos of a few BlackBerry 10 based devices were leaked. They looked impressive for sure – but is that enough is the question on everyone’s minds.

Do you think BlackBerry 10 would help RIM make a turnaround and regain its foothold in the ever competitive smartphones space?

[Via Cnet]

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