In my work as a professional drum-artist and educator I asked myself a long time ago how to use modern media in a free and creative way, no matter where you are or what you’ve got. The question: Is there an opportunity to get people in contact with rhythm and creativity without the need of expensive apps or proprietary tools? The answer: Think simple.

Your Rhythm. Your Digital World.

That´s why I created a rhythm system for everyone. But is there the right app for your OS? Don´t worry: You can use it with every kind of paint application and every kind of operating system. That´s how the touchscreen becomes a digital notepad for your own ideas. You just need an open mind and an ordinary finger.


In order to bring this system to life I use my artist products from SCHENKER TECHNOLOGIES and iconBIT. The slim notebooks of the SCHENKER S-Series let me choose the components freely in a modern and practical chassis, which I use as a mobile workstation. The iconBIT Mercury-Series Phablets act as a digital notepad for my notations, even on the go.

Nearly everyone has got a digital device at hand. We just need to understand all of its capabilities. In order to get active in terms of music later on you don´t even need any instrument. Just start drumming on your knees! This concept is what I call „Knee-Beats“. It´s your everywhere rhythm instrument.

With this philosophy I don´t only work with students or in my publications, but also with guests of special happenings, like for example Nike´s launch event of the Nike+ Fuelband SE. This digital wristband analyses movements, distributes so-called “Fuelpoints” and produces motivation. All of the invited journalists and guests of the event were surprised how easy it is to not only get active, but also creative at the same time.


Everyone who wants to get in contact with this point of view can take a closer look at my release [DS] Drum-Starters, which is available on the internet. Available to everyone. Available for free.

What can you expect once you´ve entered the creative world of music?

It´s in your own hand, your own fingertip…

[DS] Daniel Schlep /

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