Best Bluetooth Headphones under $35

by Nicole  on November 24, 2017
With headphone jacks going the way of the dodo the question of the day has become what Bluetooth audio products should you have in your life. Having owned a sleek pair of $399 Dash earbuds, but when you have to replace one for $150, you’ll [...]

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LG V30 Hands On – For Those Who Love to Make Video

by Nicole  on August 31, 2017
The LG V30 is 6 inches and made of glass which is a pretty big departure from the all metal tank that was the V20. Even though it’s got a glossier exterior the V30 stays true to it’s content creator roots and when we say content [...]

OnePlus 5 Review

by Nicole  on June 22, 2017
At MobileGeeks we’re not afraid to try something new, for the OnePlus 5 we’re going to cut the fluff. Detailed points about each feature while identifying the pros and cons.We’re not sure how much of our 3000-word reviews [...]

OPPO F3 Plus Review – An Elegant Selfie Machine

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ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe UX490UA Review

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