Tribit X-Boom

The Tribit X-Boom is a fantastic-sounding Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking to a great speaker and you’re on a budget you won’t find a better buy at $69.99. The design is average but it’s very functional considering there aren’t any companion apps (not that the majority of people use the app anyway).

The audio quality on the X-Boom scores high in all aspects with crisp sound, bass that you could say almost thumps and it does get loud enough to power a 6 person house party with ease. Plus, the XBASS button is conveniently located and actually works. And as trivial as it may look, the physical "bumping" of the top and bottom is pretty cool to my eyes. I would throw some stickers on the ends if I were you to really make the feature stand out. If money wasn’t wasn’t apart of the equation the UE BOOM 2 is a great speaker but the audio difference is noticeable in terms of loudness but the difference is bass is minor enough that I would advocate for either speaker. However, if deisgn is your thing there are better-looking speakers around.

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