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Thule Subterra Luggage 70cm Review – A sporty bag that works for business

When I think of Thule, I think of rugged roof racks and bike carriers for the car. I was quite surprised to find out that they made luggage, but makes sense that they ventured into the personal luggage space. The Thule Subterra Luggage 70cm (75L) checked luggage is a well made and very durable piece of hardware. It feels rugged and heavy duty and the two main compartments are very spacious and at the same time being lightweight. 

I was able to store enough clothes for a week and a half as well as a pillow with room to spare. The divided compartments made it easy to organize and the top pocket provided quick access. Although there is ample amount of storage, I just wished there was a few smaller pockets to store loose items and electronics, chargers and cords. There is however a small zip up pocket to store keys and a few smaller items on top, just not big enough for all my various electronics.

The exterior is a simple and elegant black and is a very durable and weather resistant 800D nylon fabric with a hard polycarbonate bottom shell. The many straps around the bag allow us to secure everything in place. The main handle straps are made from a thick weaved material and feel very sturdy. I found the straps a bit annoying to do up everytime, but they did keep everything in the bag snug and in place.

Pulling the luggage was smooth and easy, as the telescopic handle were effortless to extend and great for left and right handed users as there were release buttons on both side of the handle. I’ve had many carry ons and luggage bags and this was by far the best handle for comfort and smoothness. The handle extended to a length that made it easy to pull and made it easy to balance smaller bags on.

The wheels rolled with ease and did not stick or feel wobbly. They too are made from a tough and rugged material that feel like they will last a long long time. I took the bag over rocky gravel and the wheels had no problem and showed no signs of wear even with the jagged rocks I had to go over. It might have been nice to have the wheels have bit of shock absorbption, if they were a bit softer it could have been a little more luxurious to roll the bag, but I understand the trade off for durability.

If you’re into sports the divisions of the bag means that you can place your clothes on the bottom and all your quick access activity based items in the top. The fact that it opens up while lying flat is a nice bonus, it means you leave the bottom of the bag untouched. It also means that if you put wet items in the top the mesh layer won’t provide any protection.  We did notice that the slightly larger 75cm 90L edition did have solid dividers, depending on your size preference this might be the way to go.


Thule Subterra Luggage 70cm is available on Amazon for $279 which is a fair price for a luggeage that lives up to the Thule brand.

Contribution to the Review by Dan Lui