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Panasonic Micro Current Facial Enhancer is all about Anti Aging

Beauty products are getting more techy, the Panasonic EH-XT20 Micro Current Facial enhancer. It uses a micro current to cleanse your skin and send your moisturizer deeper into your skin. Nothing is nerdier than using your body to complete an electrical circuit!
by Nicole on October 17, 2017

The 3 in 1 Micro-current Enhancer uses sonic vibrations, warm and cool technology and tiny charges that stimulate the ions in the body (micro-currents) to improve natural and product enhanced hydration.

The Panasonic Facial Enhancer uses a micro-current to help the impurities leave your pores. The electrical circuit is activated when the metal plate on the front touches your face and your hand is in contact with the metal plate on the back.

Let’s stop and think about just how cool that is, the micro-current is being sent from the metal plate on your face down through your neck, arm and hand that’s in touching the metal plate on the back.

It’s makes your skin nicer and it’s a science lesson, how can you not love it?

How it Works

The ‘purifying’ mode uses an alternating current of positive and negative ions with gentle heat (37-43C) and effortlessly extracts up to 60% more impurities from your pores. Simply attach a cotton wool pad immersed in your favorite toner and let the EH-XT20 work its magic.
For the next step, you can get up to 40% deeper penetration of moisturizing ingredients. The ionic charge begins a process known as an electro-osmotic flow which improves molecular water movement. Slowly massage your chosen moisturizer into your skin.

Cooling mode (10 degrees) soothes the skin to tighten the pores and reduce puffiness around the eyes. (This feels particularly good when you’re tired!)

When the Micro Current Facial Enhancer is put on auto mode, the whole cycle takes 3 minutes, making it quick and easy to fit into your usual daily skincare regime.

Similar products have been on sale in Asia for a long time, so I decided to ask my dermatologist about it. She told me that it’s the same technology that she uses to give me my micro-current facials in her office. However, it’s not as strong, she estimates that most at home machines are between 20-30% as strong as her machine. The big difference is that you can take the EH-XT20 home and can use it daily!

I’ve reached out to Panasonic to see if I can get a review sample, what do you guys think is beauty technology something that we can branch out into at Mobile Geeks? If the gadget is nerdy enough, in my books it should be fair game.