Oppo F7 Review – You’ll Love it for the Selfies


The Oppo F7 is a good looking smartphone that follows the trend of having a notch, so far we don’t mind since the UI has done a good job of customization. It’s got a dual sim with expandable MicroSD card slot, the Helio P60 offers good performance, esepcially if you’re after something for casual gaming and most importantly the selfie camera is pretty good.

The rear camera only has one lens, which isn’t a bad thing, but we are disappointed in the low light performance, the highlights are over exposed and it can feel grainy at times. In look lighting the shots are balanced and vibrant, but the zoom is pretty useless and the video is missing 4k, which feels like a miss at this price point. The battery life is the last issue, it’s not really all day, if I go out at night I need to top up, which is annoying that they’ve not included fast charge.

Overall the Oppo F7 is a good all around phone, just be aware, it might have the notch, but it’s missing all the markings of a highend phone and for a lot of people that will be ok.

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