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Oclean One Review – Do we need an AI Powered Toothbrush?

Everything is getting smarter, but smarter doesn’t always mean better, when it comes to brushing our teeth we do have to wonder if we need an electric toothbrush powered with Artificial Intelligence.
by Nicole on September 14, 2017
  • Stylish
  • long battery life
  • highly cutstomizable software
  • waterproof
  • Would like to see more audio prompts to bring me back into the app more often. Currently I only check out my score when I change my program, it would be great if it gave me instant feedback and suggestions on how to improve. (I do have an early sample, so if you want a re-review later, leave us a comment below)

Oclean is trying to solve 2 problems: That we all have different teeth and mechanical toothbrushes don’t do a great job of cleaning our teeth. Other electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning our teeth than regular toothbrushes but they don’t change the way you brush based on what’s going on inside your mouth.

The Oclean One is currently the most powerful sonic toothbrush around. The battery is charged in 3.5 hours and lasts 60 days. The Smartphone app suggests or creates an individual cleaning plan, analyzes brushing behavior, and gives specific recommendations for improving dental hygiene.

We have been testing the Oclean One for a few weeks. The Indiegogo campaign is still running for a few days. If you are interested, you should strike quickly, as there is only a limited quota for early bird discounts. The campaign is here.


The Oclean is svelte electric tooth brush that would be just at home in your bathroom as it would be on your book shelf. There isn’t much to it, a single button to turn it on and a few LEDs to let you know just how much battery your toothbrush has left.


The Oclean One sports the fastest motor ever put into a toothbrush, it’s capable of 50,000 vibrations per minute with 5.5mm of oscillation and 280gf/cm of torsion. It’s also IP67 water resistant with a uni-body design. What’s interesting is that the Chinese version of the Oclean only vibtarates a 42,000, the algorithm has since been improved to vibrate faster in level 4 cleaning.

Before we get into why this is impressive let me first explain the different types of electric toothbrushes. The cheapest kind is rotating where the head turns or spins in one direction.

Then we’ve got rotating-oscillating where the head spins back and forth allowing you to focus on scrubbing more than one tooth at a time.

Sonic toothbrushes vibrate at very high speeds and frequencies buffing the surface of your teeth and force toothpaste in-between your teeth. Finally, we have Ultrasonic” which creates sound waves to penetrate special nano toothpaste into teeth and gums.

Finally, we have Ultrasonic which creates sound waves to penetrate special nano toothpaste into teeth and gums.

The Oclean is a Sonic toothbrush and it’s got the fastest motor currently on the market, this means that it can exert 600gram-force of pressure. Essentially, it can scrub your teeth harder than other options.

The Oclean One comes with 2 options for brush heads, the standard cleaning head and the deep cleaning head which was produced in partnership with DuPont + Pedex.

Software – Sophisticated highly customizable software

Like most smart devices the Oclean One collects data and makes suggestions on how to improve your brushing. This might seem unnecessary until you consider how different everyone’s teeth are, you can choose between normal, smoke stained, braces & irregular.

The ability to personalize your brushing routine is great, you have 3 modes: cleaning, whitening & massage. Each has 4 levels of intensity. I have been going between using my own mode and whitening, we had an intern, on his first day I asked him if my teeth really were the 4th darkest color, he said “some people drink a lot of coffee”. I’m happy to report my teeth are one full shade whiter 6 weeks later.

While going through the various settings, I noticed that the massage setting was aimed at gum care. My parents warn me that I have great teeth now but bad gums run in the family so I better take care now or when I’m older face the consequences. I’ve used a few smart toothbrushes, but I’ve never had one offer me a mode to care for my gums.

As the Oclean available on Indeigogo now and more features will be added like a shop and audio tips that will play when you’re brushing. Recently the ability to play recorded audio while you’re brushing has become available. Have a favorite song? You can jam out while cleaning your pearly whites. Is this necessary? not even a little. You could also use it to set voice reminders, but I’m not sure why you would want to set up a notification system independent from your other ecosystems. I’d rather have google or siri remind me of things to do on my calendar, rather than to having to manually have to enter reminders into my toothbrush app.

Do we need an AI powered toothbrush?

The Oclean software is highly customizable and very personal, it provides a lot of options for cleaning your teeth. Currently, it doesn’t prompt you with suggestions to clean your teeth better. When that feature rolls out, it would be nice, but I don’t think that it’s necessary.

Knowing my needs and create a program feels sufficient, but for those who might not have the option to talk to a dentist adding in AI would be nice. Having said that I’m not sure who could afford this toothbrush that couldn’t afford to see a dentist.


  • 60 Days of Battery Life
  • 2,600mAh battery which can be charged 300-500 times, on average this means you charge it 6 times a year.

The charging dock for the Oclean is magnetic and very simply designed. At first, I thought it was an oversight that they didn’t include a wall adapter with the same design aesthetic, after all, if it’s going to sit in my bathroom it makes sense to include all the hardware. But the Oclean lasts for 60 days on a single charge and only takes 3.5 hours to top up. So there is no need to clutter your bathroom with cables!

Oclean claims that it will last 60 days if you brush 3.5 minutes a day. I’ve been on a 2-3min brushing program and I haven’t charged in 4 weeks and I’ve only just dropped from 4 full dots to 2.


The Oclean One has a small speaker on the bottom, you can adjust the audio level, which is nice because, at max, it’s a little loud. When you turn it on it cutely says “Oclean” and now that you can play music while you brush it’s important that it does sound good.

When I first got the Oclean I made the mistake of keeping it in the charger, not being used to the 60 day battery life. I found that the metal charging connection would tarnish the area around the speaker, meaning that I had to clean it quite often. Now that I don’t charge it in the bathroom, it’s not an issue.

As for the audio quality itself, if you’re using it for anything other than short voice cues you’re using your toothbrush wrong.


The Indiegogo campaign has already started and unfortunately, the early bird offer for $79 dollars is already sold out. There are other good deals like buying two toothbrushes for $149. And as an added bonus you’ll get two years of toothbrush heads included free with your purchase. What we really like about  Oclean is they have already run this campaign on the Indiegogo of China and made over 5000 sales. They’re a company that’s ready to scale to meet delivery goals. When it retails for $129, we think is competitively priced.

Design / 8
Sound / 8
Performance / 8.5
Software / 8
Price / 8
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 8.5
Oclean Sonic Toothbrush

The Oclean One is a stylish Sonic toothbrush whose looks are matched by complex yet easy to use software that’s sure to refine your teeth cleaning game. When it finally retails for 129 it will be a competitive price as the battery life paired with the fastest motor currently in an electric toothbrush and a highly customizable app make it a compelling purchase.

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