Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review – The best 2-in-1 you can buy

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

I love the versatility and weight of the Surface Pro, but the lapability is still an issue, especially for long periods where the kickstand can dig into your legs. I’d also like to see Microsoft optimize the screen bezels on the Surface Pro. While they’re not as big and noticeable as the Surface Go, there are plenty of laptops and tablets that have shrunk them down in size recently.

If you’re still holding on to a Surface Pro 3 and thinking of upgrading, then the Surface Pro 6 will be a noticeable change. It’s lightweight, portable, and has the full power of Windows 10 and desktop apps. There’s still nothing quite like it in the Windows world, despite some similar offerings from PC makers.

Microsoft has led the way in this laptop and tablet hybrid design, but it now risks competitors catching up. Apple is still selling the same MacBook Air design, years after most PC makers have caught up and surpassed a laptop design that changed the industry 10 years ago. The Surface Pro 6 might look a little familiar and lack modern ports, but it’s still the portable laptop and tablet hybrid to beat. For now.

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