Meitu V6 Review – You won’t find a better Selfie phone

Meitu V6

If you are serious about Selfies then there is no better phone on the market, the AI technology that keeps skin detail while removing flaws is u paralleled. Of course, you can download the Meitu apps to get the great photo editing, but the dual front-facing cameras with fill light is the best on the market.

There are a few downsides the price tag is very high but having 18 carat gold studs in your phone comes at a price. There is limited availabilities in Western markets and Google Services won't come preloaded unless it's explicitly stated. The processor isn't the newest or fastest around, but it's good enough as there aren't any lags or hickups. The OS is very Chinese so no app drawer and mistranslations do pop up every now and then.

If you're a power user that drives their business using their smartphone you'll need a backup, if you just use Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and a bit of voice calling then you'll adapt nicely to the Meitu V6.

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