LG V40 ThinkQ

The LG V40 ThinQ is a top of the line smartphone that has fast performance and good cameras.

It is tough to look past the price-tag when making a recommendation. It is understandable that the Note9 comes it at the same price, it has a pen and it targetted towards a business user, or someone who might not have a computer in their lives anymore. The audio capabilities are hard to beat, however, audiofiles aren't a main stream audience. Which is exactly who I think this phone is aimed at, despite the price tag.

It offers a versatility, you can choose to use wired headphones if you want, you have the telephoto lens and a wide angle. It is the ultimate phone for those who don't think that they fit into a category except that they like taking photos and they are the kind of photographer that likes taking landscape or building photos.

The V series might not always have the best but it is in fighting position for those titles. Like I've said before, I'm willing to forgive a lot for the wide angle lens. In my use case, I travel a lot, love taking photos and need battery life that makes it through the day. I usually carry two phones, the life of a reviewer, but one of them is almost always an LG because of the wide angle.

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