Brainwavz BLU-300

The Blu 300 earbuds use Bluetooth 4.1, which isn’t the latest version, but they still offer a range of up to ten meters, meaning your phone can stay safely in your bag while you’re at the gym. To this end, the headphones feature onboard controls to control volume, pause, resume, or skip songs, and even answer and end calls, all without needing to even look at your phone.

With a low price of just $39.50, the Brainwavz BLU-300 offers a competent sound in a durable and comfortable package. From a pure audio standpoint, this earphone they are fantastic if you’re not an audiophile but as a workout headphone they are loud enough, sweatproof and stay securely in your ear. The charge times are what kills me on these, 8 hours of listening is totally fine, but 2 hours to get there is way too long.

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