As we move in to the second quarter of 2013, the mobile wars are heating up. Apart from the usual wars between the usual smartphone making companies, there is also a silent brewing war between the manufacturers of components. And what component could be more important than the one that is center to the modern smartphone – the SoC (System On Chip) that houses the processor, the GPU and the plethora of chips that makes your phone a smartphone.

Qualcomm Not Worried About Nvidia’s Tegra 4

Two of the players battling it out in this segment are Qualcomm and Nvidia – both of which launched their newest chips at last month’s CES. Nvidia at the time of the launch of its Tegra 4 proudly claimed it to be the fastest mobile processor around. They had the benchmarks as well that sort of supported their claim. Well, a day later Qualcomm came up with their newest bunch of chips called the Snapdragon 600 and the 800. The first devices based on these chips have already been announced and Qualcomm is confident that both these chips are more than capable and can stand up to the challenge posed by Nvidia. Qualcomm’s Raj Talluri opines that their Snapdragon 800 chip is a better one because unlike the Tegra 4, it integrates LTE capability right within the SoC. He also asserted the 800’S capability to encode and decode 4k videos – which let me tell you, needs a hell lot of processing power.

All said, Qualcomm seems to be doing well when it comes to bringing devices laden with these new processors- especially when compared to Nvidia. A bunch of devices based on the Snapdragon 600 have already been announced are on the verge of being launched, There are over 50  ore devices based on these chips that plan to invade the market in the months to come.  That isn’t the case with Nvidia. Anyway, as of now, Qualcomm seems to have a headstart in this latest avatar of the mobile processors race – but things can change quickly in here!

[Via TechnoBuffalo]

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