Quanmax has announced the QBOX Mini 1000 Series which is a fanless nettop running a 1GHz Intel Atom E640T. This basically is a PC on a stick, but a little bigger then most, but it’s pretty tiny, it’s only 130.11 x 83.06 y 19.2mm which is actually the size of a external enclosure for 2.5″ hard drives.

QBOX Mini-1000 – Atom Powered PC On a Stick

With such a small enclosure you can’t actually fit much but it does accommodates a few things like 1x mSATA,1x mini-PCIe socket for Wifi module, 1 x USB 2.0, 2x internal USB, 1x VGA (For QBOX Mini-1000), 1x HDMI ( For QBOX Mini-1010) and 1x Phone Jack for both Line-Out & Mic-In. The system is supported with on board DDR2 memory to 1GB.

There is no memory but you could use this for surfing the web, emails and typical office activities. You could also use it for a media center but it wouldn’t be a very complicated one.

Intel® Atom™ Processor E640T
QBOX Mini-1000 – VGA Output
QBOX Mini-1010 – HDMl Output
On Board DDR2 memory ( 1GB max )
1x Phone Jack for both Line-Out & Mic-In
1x mSATA
1x mPCIe Socket for Wifi Module
2x internal USB, 1x external USB

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