Popular photo sharing service, 500px which had an equally popular iOS Application available for download from the Apple App Store has been unceremoniously pulled from there owing to concerns regarding the fact that it allowed users to search and find nude photographs “too easily”. There is also word going around that a main reason for Apple to pull the application was complaints received regarding possible child pornography which is illegal in the United States. This bit however is not confirmed.

Pornography Concerns: iOS Photo Sharing App 500px Pulled From Apple App Store

TechCrunch reports that the developers of 500px were in talks with Apple ever since the latter raised a red flag following the submission of an updated version of the app. The reviewer who was scrutinizing the application told 500px that they would not be able to approve the same because it allowed users to search for nude photographs. In 500px’s defence the company CEO Evgeny Tchebotarev asserts that while it is true to an extent that nude images can indeed be viewed using the application, it cannot do so in its default mode where there is a filtering that doesn’t allow nude usages to show up. Users would actually need to log on to the desktop website of the application in order to change that setting.

He added that this has been done to ensure that children do not end up seeing nude images unwittingly.

Also to be noted is the fact that many users of 500px are connoisseurs of fine art which occasionally does involve nudity – in an artistic sense. This is not pornography in the traditional sense. Apple however seems to disagree.

Nevertheless, it seems both the developer and Apple are working to see this mess sorted. Apple seems to be facing a backlash already with the pulling of the App from the App Store with hordes of people asking Apple to do away with its own browser Safari – using which people can easily access pornography anyway.

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