Nvidia has announced their latest System-on-a-Chip, Tegra 4 which is aimed at Smartphones and tablets. We can expect faster browsing, better graphic performance and the much anticipated support for 4G LTE.

Nvidia Announces Tegra 4 – Shows off Project Shield [Videos]

Structurally Nvidia Tegra 4 is a quad core processor like Tegra 3 and it also offers a 5th core to ensure low power consumption. The big jump happens in that the SOC is based on ARM A15 cores rather than A9 cores which is of course much faster, Nvidia claims 10X faster. What has us drooling is the fact that Tegra 4 comes with 72 graphics cores which will offer console level graphics and of course faster processing.

Nvidia had a few demos on hand showing off how quick Tegra 4 is compared to a Nexus 10. The demo featured a Chrome browser loading 25 common websites, in a side by side Tegra 4 finished in 27 seconds compared to 50 seconds on the Nexus 10.

Here is the demo if you want to check it out.

What is very exciting about this release is that we’re seeing 4G LTE. What is interesting about how Nvidia has chosen to implement the technology is the 4G LTE modem is smaller than the average 4G LTE modem. Meaning our devices will have more room, LTE devices are typically thicker than 3G so Tegra 4 devices will be able to compete in the who is thinnest game that so many manufacturers love to play. This also means that the devices will be geographically agnostic so they will be able to launch into any region with out the risk of having the same issues as Apple and their A6 processor.

We got to check out a few of the demos while we were at the press event of Project Shield which shows off the power of their new platform. We’ve got an official walk through here if you want to know every detail.

Here are some gaming demos to get you pumped.

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