IHS has taken a look at the Ultrabook market and revised its predictions for Ultrabook success in 2012 and upcoming 2013. Instead of the 22 million originally expected for this year, the number has been cut down to 10.3 million, with most of the sales coming in the 4th quarter. The estimate for next years’ sales has also been downgraded from 61 million to 44 million.

Number of Ultrabooks Shipped Not Meeting Expectations, Says IHS

The expectations for next year have only dampened slightly because of the interest surrounding Windows 8 and the attractiveness of the touchscreen. But there are many reasons for the disappointing results in the ultrabook market. The price of ultrabooks is simply too high to entice customers. The hype surrounding ultra portable tablets and smartphones has managed to eclipse the ultrabook. It’s simply cheaper to buy a tablet for school or work instead of an ultrabook. In advertisments, the ultrabook has yet to prove that it is the better choice and it’s hard to convince many PC lovers of a $1,000 price tag.

Ultrabooks that drop down into the $600 range have a much better chance and from what Intel showed at IDF, they know it. Lower costs and better marketing are the surest footpath for ultrabooks.

It’s interesting to note that Apple is exempt from this trend. The iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air all seem to be selling well, not detracting from each other. Apple fans are used to paying more for their devices, PC people, not so much.

Source: DigiTimes

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