Nokia’s much awaited Windows Phone based successor – the rumoured “EOS” Lumia is pretty much real. A reader of WMPowerUser has revealed the kind of specifications the device would sport. And by Nokia’s own admission during the Nokia Lumia 925 launch, the Finnish phonemaker is going to launch another device this summer which many think would indeed be the EOS. To add to the WMPowerUser report, we have a little birdie mailing us that the phone that they would launch next would indeed be the Lumia EOS and that the launch date would be the second week of July – most probably July the 9th. (Unless of course Nokia decides to change the date due to this leak!)

Nokia’s Lumia EOS Will Sport a 41 Megapixel Camera: Coming July 9!

Will It Get a 41 Megapixel Sensor? It Indeed Will!

What the WMPowerUser report didn’t confirm was whether the phone would sport that all important 41 megapixel sensor since the mega pixel count mark on the prototype device was marked XX. Well, a little birdie seems to have actually played around with the handset and has written to us with more details about the phone. Juicy details which sort of with authority confirm the fact that the Lumia EOS (or whatever Nokia chooses to call it at release) WILL sport a 41 megapixel sensor. Photographs however can only be taken at a maximum of 34 megapixels – just like the case was with the PureView 808. Of course you can have lower resolution shots as well. The phone would also do full HD videos (in fact, you will have three options just for 1080p videos with different frame rates from what we have been informed). There would be three separate 720p modes as well.

The camera interface would be completely redesigned with circular on screen dial controls. You can flick them around to adjust various camera settings. As consistent with the WMPowerUser report, this redesigned interface laden app would be known as the Nokia ProCamera. The phone would also supposedly have DSLR like “sounds” when you flick around the settings. And yes, there would be manual mode as well where you can manually adjust all camera settings.

The rest of the details have already been revealed by the report by WMPowerUser. These include the fact that the phone would sport a 1280*720 pixel 4.5 inch display. We can confirm the same. That said, we would have liked to see a full HD panel on a flagship camera model like this. At the moment however this seems to be more of a software limitation than hardware so you might as well direct all your anger at Microsoft  – and not Nokia.

What is truly remarkable about the Nokia Lumia EOS would be the size of the device. We are told that the polycarbonate shell clad phone is an absolute engineering miracle and Nokia has done an amazing job at cramming that huge sensor inside a phone that maybe even thinner than the Lumia 920! Sure, the camera housing does protrude a bit – but the clever design which makes the phone taper towards its extremities supposedly masks the entire girth of the sensor. At no point would you feel any kind of bulkiness with the device. Looks like Nokia lovers would have a hard time recommending the already awesome Lumia 920 once this would be released. Oh and lest we forget, the camera module at the rear would have a powerful Xenon flash for low light imaging. It is unclear if it would get the Lumia 920’s OIS capabilities but is is quite likely to find its way in.

So, yes the Nokia Lumia “EOS” is pretty much happening and if no one else comes up with something as remarkable as this till July, we assure you, the worlds best camera phone is almost here! And we are pretty sure, it’s worth the wait. We can only wish Nokia all the best here!

All said, let us all once again inform you that at this point, this can best be classified a rumor – but we have some positive vibes about this one being true! What say, folks?

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