Nokia will soon introduce the first Windows Phone with a true PureView camera. The super camera phone is being developed under the code name EOS and is expected to head the new Lumia line-up at MWC 2013. A series of Lumias with aluminum casings is also expected.

Nokia Lumia EOS with 41 Megapixel Camera & New Aluminum Lumias Coming to MWC 2013?

The Italian smartphone guru Flavio announced the news about the Nokia Lumia “EOS” first via Twitter. According to him, the “EOS” represents an evolution of the Nokia Lumia 920, but with the extremely high resolution camera feature that was installed on the Nokia 808. The device is expected to have a camera sensor, which has a physical resolution of 41 megapixels.  Flavio also mentioned that Nokia plans to introduce new Lumias with metal bodies.

The Verge confirmed his story. The Verge mentioned that an aluminum casing will house the “EOS” in a new, angular design. The other new Lumia models will allegedly have aluminum casings as well. A new mystery device, codenamed “Catwalk,” will reportedly appear as the successor of the Nokia Lumia 920. In addition, a mid-size device is expected. These models are forecasted to arrive early summer.

Sources: TheVerge & FlavioviaTwitter

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