Nokia, fresh after announcing its intention to save money by selling off its prestigious headquarters and re-leasing it for an unspecified amount surprised everyone by announcing the existence of yet another Windows Phone 8 powered device. The much rumoured Lumia 620 – the existence of which was been talked of a few months ago took its final baby steps towards officialdom yesterday when Nokia issued a press release and a post on its blog – announcing the launch.

Nokia Debuts The Windows Phone 8 Powered Lumia 620. Packs In NFC, Snapdragon S4 Chip

The Lumia 620 is a mid-range, affordable – but feature packed Windows Phone 8 powered device with a decent spec sheet to boast of. The 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip inside might not be screaming fast – but is more than adequate to run the very resource friendly Windows Phone 8 operating system. The processor is mated to an adequate sounding 512 MB of RAM. The WVGA (800*480), 3.8 inch display boasts of Nokia’s Clear Black technology which has a track record of being a very decent display in direct sunlight.

At the rear of the removable polycarbonate shell of the phone is the 5 megapixel autofocus camera which can also record videos at 720p resolution. For Skype and video calling junkies out there, there is a front camera as well. The phone sports a wide variety of connectivity options – ranging from Wi-Fi, USB, HSDPA, Bluetooth and EDGE, to the new “in thing” – NFC.

When released officially sometime in early 2013, the phone would also give owners 7 GB worth of space on Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service. Apart from the option to download stuff from the ever growing Windows Phone Marketplace, the phone comes preloaded with Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia City Lens apps as well.

With an expected sale price of $249, the Lumia 620 at least on paper seems to be a decent buy. This price however is without taxes or operator subsidies.

So, how many of you plan to get hold of this one soon after its launch?

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