Nicole and Sascha had a guest appearance on Revision 3’s Tekzilla to talk about some tablets that they picked up in Shenzhen.  They tackle the question, what if you decided to only spend $50 for a tablet, what are you sacrificing over picking up a $400 or even $200 tablet?

Nicole & Sascha Talk About $50 Tablets on Tekzilla

If you haven’t been following our journey from Netbook News to Mobile Geeks we knew we had to change the site name to something more representative of the content we produce.  Around the same time that Sascha and I committed to this evolution was the same time that we signed with Revision 3.  We’ve been apart of the family since January but it wasn’t until we launched the Mobile Geeks website at IFA a few weeks ago that we officially launched on their network.

This week we’re working out of the Revision 3 office in San Francisco and we got to do a guest spot on Tekzilla and I have to admit that I’m pretty used to being on camera, but this was a moment that I won’t soon forget.

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  • buzz86us

    This is all well and good but eventually the nook color is going to hit the $50 mark and that beats just about any she Zen tablet by a mile.

    • David – although Patrick seemed to say ‘’ (they don’t have appear to sell tablets).

  • dan pritts

    It’s hard to understand the name of the store where you recommend buying these.

  • max

    I’ve seen and tested one of these, the hardware is nice.

    An allwinner A13 CPU @1.GHz with Mali 400×2 Cores running at around 300mHz is good enough.
    The concern is software, there is no recovery in there. So if you got some hiccup when installing any app or game then you can get it bricked easily. And since recovery is missing, you’ll have hard time restoring it.

    On a side note— How come Revision 3 ripping an episode of 27 minutes coming to 123 Megabytes? For a 320×180 mp4 file resolution that’s too much.

    Sacha you can suggest them to use “mEncoder version ” that should bring down the same quality rip size to 20— 30 Megabytes.

  • max

    ^^Apologies *Sascha

  • Kevin

    What were the brands/models that you were showing on tekzilla? Aliexpress has a lot of tablets on there so I am not sure which are the best and would prefer to get one of the ones that you tested on the show. Thanks.

  • Horrible_Edgar

    Did they ever say what that tablet was?

    • Nicole

      They actually didn’t have any branding, only serial numbers. It wouldn’t matter if we told you, you’d never find them, not even on AliBaba. We bought them 6 or so months ago in the dirty back alley’s of Shenzhen.

  • Kevin