Advertising agency Razorfish is always looking for new and creative ideas to engage with new technologies. At the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Launch in Frankfurt Germany yesterday a prototype NFC enabled Digital Gumball machine was demoed with the S3 Mini and we even got to check out the guts of the machine to see how they pulled it off.

NFC Enabled Digital Gum Ball Machine Demo & How it Works – Video

At first glance it looks like a modern gum ball machine, very reminiscent of what we remember from our childhood, but instead of candy we get digital media. It’s a crap shoot what type of content your going to get you might just get a movie but maybe you’ll get a free game, wallpaper, song or ringtone for download.

As our video shows behind the scenes is a Samsung Galaxy Tab of the 7 inch variety which of course has an NFC module which is connected to an Arduino controller. When the consumer drops in the money and turns the handle, a magnetic contact is triggered which initiates the interaction with the user and activates the NFC module. This then sends a URL to the respective NFC smartphone, which is held in front of the machine exactly where the gum would have come out of the machine.

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