Lucky enough to get a Google Nexus 7 for Christmas? Is this your first Android tablet and you’re not quite sure where to start? Well check out this video that will get you off to the right start with your new gadget.

Got a Nexus 7 for Christmas? Here is how to set it up

There are a few things that you can do to help ease into your new tablet! The first on my list is to Turn on auto-rotation or some reason Google has decided that the Nexus 7 is best used in portrait (long-wise up and down) orientation but for many apps or even just watching movies you’ll want it in landscape.

This is one of my favorites and I suggest that you pick up SwiftKey 3 Tablet app other than being able to drag your fingrs between letters to make words it also has a great keyboard for thumb typing in portrait mode.

Make sure you configure email, if you have other emails than Gmail you should make sure that you set up your other email accounts. Android can handle most email accounts without additional information required.

It’s nice to start with everything up to date, so head on over to the Play store and hit the My Apps icon (down arrow over a line) at the top of the screen. You should see several apps that show an update available, hit the update all button and let it do its thing.

Set up social networks. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Skype you should set them up so the Nexus 7 can sync with them. Go into Settings and scroll down to the Accounts section and add each network you use.

Set up home screens. The Nexus 7 has five home screens accessed by swiping left and right on the default screen, take the time to customize them.

Set up the dock. The dock at the bottom of the home screen initially has 5 apps picked by Google for you. The dock is available from any of the 5 home screens and you should put the apps you use most for easy access. The good thing is that if you want more apps in your dock, you are able to set up folders.

Install Tablified Market HD If you don’t know much about tablet applications this is a good way to find apps that are cutomized for the bigger screen.


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