There can be no doubt that we at Mobile Geeks have a soft spot for tiny computers aimed at productivity. We loved the idea of the Netbook and how you could make something in a 10.1 inch form factor, as fast as a more expensive laptop when opening webpages thanks to DIY SSD & RAM upgrades. It was a machine that for us symbolized a time where you could take something average, and make it great with a little love. The Netbook name died out, but the concept in fact remained.

Netbook Re-imagined! $200 BayTrail 2-in-1 Shipping in China

Chinese manufacturer TYD has come out with a 10.1 inch Laptop that is basically what a Netbook should have been back in the day. It has a BayTrail-M with 2GB of RAM, and a touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768. We were a little dubious of the $200 dollar price tag at first, but if we do the math we see it is actually possible.

Microsoft has dropped Windows licence down to $25, and if Netbooks were going for $200 three years ago, with a lower Windows fee we can’t see why not, especially since it’s the on board storage size where we see the price drop is justified; the system we checked out had a mere 64GB, and we were unsure exactly what type of storage this was. Regardless, this should be very decently priced device. If this had been released before Netbooks kicked the bucket, we are sure it would have raised the dead!

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