This is not usually something you get to hear from a CFO and SVP of any company. Google’s Patrick Pichette at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference recently admitted that Google’s prized 12 billion acquisition – Motorola isn’t making products that are “wow” by Google standards. The candid admission by him might have come across as a rude shock for anyone expecting a superlative product from Motorola on the lines of the fabled Xphone or a Motorola made Nexus class device.

Motorola’s Upcoming Devices Not “Wow” By Google Standards

Pichette however seems to have valid reasons for stating thus. According to him, the reason was reiterated in past Google earning calls as well. He noted that at the time of acquisition of Motorola, the company had already committed itself to a few products that it was developing for quite some time. Google did not want to immediately come in and shake things up. That said, from his own admission, it is clear that whatever Motorola has been working on for “some time” hasn’t managed to impress Google.

The Verge Reports and quotes Mr. Pichette

“The case with Motorola is that we’ve inherited a pipeline. Motorola has a great set of products, but they’re not really like ‘wow’ by Google standards. Dennis Woodside and his team have inherited 18 months of pipeline that we have to drain right now.”

Anyway, the problem with this revelation from the Google top exec is the fact that there have been rumors going on about the X Phone from Motorola that is supposedly under development. This device is believed to have been Motorola’s attempt at an innovative product with significant strides being made when it comes to the display technology, camera and battery life. This was also thought to be a device that would be Motorola’s answer to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV which is expected to make a landfall soon.

Does that mean the development of the X Phone is just a rumor? Or is it that even this Xphone doesn’t meet Google’s high standards?

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  • Jay

    then why don’t they step in on Motorola and get them to make the next Nexus phone with Tegra4 and the new Qualcomm LTE chip?