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Moley: hands-on with the amazing cooking robot

Well, it’s not really a hands-on post. In fact, it’s more of a hands-off, as this robot would pretty much take your duties and cook for you. It’s called Moley, and it’s amazingly freaky in the most awesome ways possible.

Really, it’s unbelievable how natural this robot’s movements are. It seems to stir the soup with movements as smooth and delicate as a chef. And it can even pick up ingredients and mix them while cooking. It’s truly a show to look at.

Also, it won’t be cheap. Prices range up to $72000, depending on your configuration. It’s a lifetime cook you won’t have to pay again, though. Some of you high rollers may think it’s totally worth it.

There’s all kinds of supported accessories, recipes and ingredients, so you won’t be left wanting to try new things. Of course, as long as you are willing to keep investing on this chef. Sit back, relax and marvel over the future by watching the video below.