Wondering what were the best products at Mobile World Congress 2013? We’ve got a round up of the hottest products and companies of the show. Need to know what the best smartphone was? What about the most innovative product? We’ve got it all here for you.

Mobile Geeks Best of Mobile World Congress 2013 Awards

If you don’t want to watch the video and just want to read a boring old list here you go, but if you want to see the devices in the flesh and find out why we thought they were noteworthy keep scrolling and hit play!

Best Tablet: Sony Tablet Z
Best Smartphone: HTC One
Best Phablet: ZTE Grand Memo
Best Accessory: Nokia NFC Wireless Car charger
Best of Show: ASUS FonePad
Best Enabling Technology: Samsung Knox
Most Innovative Company: FORD
Best Future Technology: NFC
Best Innovation: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 DTS Headphone X
Best Ecosystem: ASUS Cloud Service


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