Microsoft Office for Android and iOS devices has been a topic of conversation for a long time. Finally it’s official: Microsoft Office suite will be available for the two most popular OS’s in the tablet and smartphone world starting 2013. As is often the case, iOS gets Microsoft office first in March 2013, while Android receives Microsoft’s blessing in May 2013.

Microsoft Office Coming to Android & iOS in 2013

Since the middle of October we knew that Office for iOS and Android would be a sure thing after someone from Microsoft in the Czech Republic made the announcement (against the expressed wishes of Microsoft headquarters). Redmond was hesitant to release the information officially, but eventually The Verge got the scoop and a few pictures to go along with it.

According to this new information, the iOS and Android apps for microsoft Office will be free, but with the free app you can only view your documents, not edit them. Since most people will certainly want to edit their documents, Microsoft has a handy subscription service: Office 365.

But even with the subscription, not all the features that the desktop version offers will be available. The mobile version of Office maintains only the most vital features and virtually ensures that you need both the desktop and mobile versions of Office.

Nonetheless, it’s an improvement in our very mobile lives, which until now, had to do without a mobile version of Microsoft Office. Apple iOS users get to celebrate the join of Mobile Office first, but Android follows just a few months later, so no reason to complain.

Source: TheVerge

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  • LinusX

    Looks like a smart marketing move from MS! They kill the rumours about Office for iOS and Android by announcing something way inferior (and pricier) than what you get on WinRT/8. Now people will stop hesitating to buy a Surface or other WinRT/8 Device. If MS communicates well, that is… :-)
    Linus X.

  • Jay

    What a fail… Documents to Go which has been at this since PDAs were cool has already sewn up this market. They provide the full features of MS Office along with perfect document compatibility for a price that is sure to be way less than MS Office’s offering.

    • James

      Yes, Documents To Go and at least two others are already competing in the Android and iOS Markets.

      However, they’re not in the same league as Office 365 and those who need to ensure they can work with other MS Office users will prefer the MS solution.

      The other mobile Office alternatives have gotten pretty good but they’re still limited and less usable overall.

      Besides, this would compete more with Google Docs because of the cloud services.